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Elite Lab is Mick Clegg’s training evolved 

from 11 years of coaching athleticism at Manchester United


Mick combines vanguard training techniques

with an advanced performance gym

to develop the seed of speed!

Who's Mick Clegg?

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A centre dedicated to professional athletes

custom built for elite performance coaching


Mick provides progressive one on one coaching

with routines sculpted to individual needs

for specific performance goals

Mick MU team


Mick coached two of his four sons into MUFC, and the other two to Olympic Lifting greatness.  

He coached  strength and conditioning to the entire MUFC team for 11 years, including closely nurturing Cristiano Ronaldo from his sign-up all the way to FIFA player of the year.  Since setting up his own training lab Mick has been coaching top footballers one on one, along with elite atheletes in a range of sports, including World Taekwondo no.1 Aaron Cook.

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Paul Scholes

Icon of intelligent football

“Working with Mick for many years

using his various methods

and techniques

helped me get to

the top of my game"

Mick MU Mick with Carrick Scholes fee rounded



Liam Colbon

Liam in action Liam Colbon

Liam work's alongside Mick on Elite Lab's research and integration of new training technologies, as well as assisting coaching.  


Liam was a pro rugby league winger for 4 super league clubs, and completed a degree in sports science with the aim of enhancing his own performance,

knowledge he then transferred into his coaching practices.


Liam is evolving his coaching expertise with Elite Lab as well as bringing to the table  considerable knowledge and skills he has earned throughout his rugbyand coaching career, sharing a vision with Mick to create the next level generation of athletes.

LC in action