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The best technologies for the best training


Years of research and experimenting with countless sports techs has led Mick to a handful of the most effective training tools

FitLight, NeuroTracker, Dynavision D2, Core-tex and X-dream are key pieces of kit at Elite Lab that boost athletic cognition

Mick synergizes these into multi-tasking routines for mental and physical conditioning at each athlete's thresholds


Darren Fletcher

Legendary MUFC midfielder

"The gear at Elite Lab is great,

but what Mick gets out of it...


...is a whole new level of training"


Matt Gilks being tested on Mick's FitLight workout

Aaron Cook

"NeuroTracker has helped me see things quicker,

process information faster, and sustain my attention for longer

This is what gives me the edge over my rivals.”

Aaron Cook, Taekwondo World No.1


“Having worked with and trusted Mick for over a decade,

I have no hesitation in recommending him

and FitLight Trainer to any athlete”

Nicky Butt, Manager of MUFC Reserves

Training athletic cognition...

...because the brain is the seed of speed